Malaysia Custom Clearance

Malaysia Custom Clearance – What You Need To Know in 2020

Getting your goods passed through the Malaysian Customs’ safety nets is not a Herculean task, but it is not a no brainer either. Just like in other countries, you need to secure a customs clearance to have your shipments released in the Customs borders.

Malaysian customs clearance is a must-have both for importing and exporting goods. But before you can procure this clearance, you need to present some documents and declarations attesting the legality of your cargoes.

Below is the run-through of the requirements that you need to submit to Malaysian Customs personnel to secure a customs clearance in no time.

Must-have Requirements to Get a Malaysian Customs Clearance

• Customs Form. All the goods that are shipped to and out of Malaysia must be declared and stated in the Customs Forms. There are different types of Customs Forms that you need to fill out depending on the specific transaction that you are engaged with. The Customs Form Number 1 is used to declare all the imported goods bound for Malaysia. On the other hand, Customs Form Number 2 is intended for the declaration of all the goods to be exported in other countries. The Customs Form Number 3 is for securing a permit to transport goods within the Malaysian peninsula. For transshipping or asking for removing goods request, you need to fill out the Customs Form Number 8. If you want to ask for a permit for the removal of dutiable goods from the Customs restraint, you need to use the Customs Form Number 9.

• Bill of Lading/ Airway Bill. Aside from the Customs Form, crucial in procuring Customs Clearance is the Bill of Lading (BoL) and Airway Bill (AWB). The BoL is a legal document given by land and sea freight forwarder to the shipper declaring in full detail the quantity, destination, and contents of the shipment. BoL is not only used for transparency between the shipper and the forwarding company, but it also serves as an official shipment receipt given by a third-party service provider to the consignee. Meanwhile, AWB is also a legal document serving as an official receipt to goods transported via international airline courier. AWB is also used to track the shipment as it contains the Airline prefix, AWB serial number, and the Check digit.

• Commercial Invoice. Another legal document that you need to present to the Customs is the commercial invoice. The commercial invoice is a binding document between the supplier and the customer describing the goods being sold and the customer’s amount due. The commercial invoice serves as proof of payment and sale between the seller and the buyer.

• Pro-forma Invoice. This is considered as a preliminary invoice used to attest to the imported shipment’s legality before the Customs. Unlike the typical invoice, the Pro-forma invoice does not automatically constitute a payment request.

• Packing List. For the authorities to handle your shipment accordingly, they will refer to your cargoes’ packing list. The packing list is a document detailing all the contents of a particular package.

• Relevant Licenses, Certificates, and Permits. If deemed appropriate and necessary, the Malaysian Customs may also require you to present other import and export permits, certificates, and licenses to ensure that your goods abide by the protocols from their respective points of origin before they can land the Malaysian peninsula.

These are the existing requirements that you need to comply with to secure a Malaysian Customs Clearance and get your shipments delivered to their destinations without hurdling any legal impediments.

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Advantages of Hiring a Logistics Company That is Experienced in Customs Clearance Services

Importing and exporting goods could become a nightmare if you fail to hire a logistics company that knows all sides of the coin in terms of procuring a customs clearance.

The requirements and declaration requisites in filing for customs clearance would vary a little bit from one country to another, but make sure your freight forwarding company knows how to cope and prepare the much-needed documents to avoid any delay.

Here are some of the advantages you could get once you hire a logistics company that masters not only the task of forwarding your cargoes safely and on time but also accustomed to all the legal processes in getting a customs clearance.

• Help you Calculate the Cost. An experienced freight forwarding company would have hindsight on how much it would cost to transport your goods in and outside Malaysia, including how much you need to pay for the procurement of customs clearance. Hence, you will know at the very beginning the money that you need to prepare in getting all the requirements for your shipments to get through the borders of Malaysia unhampered.

• Expert Adviser. If you get in touch with a legitimate logistics company, you will not only get an assurance that your cargoes will reach their destinations on time, but you’ll also enrich your knowledge about how the importing and exporting of goods is handle from one country to another. You can even ask for a better strategy on how to expedite the entry of your shipments without violating the Customs law of your target country. You will also understand the importance of import licenses, valuation, duty reliefs, classification, and end-use in the freight and forwarding industry.

• Seal the Documentation. Another advantage that you can get only if you hire a competent logistics company is that you will have professionals to check the veracity of all your import or export documents. Ensuring that all the papers and documents needed are ready, verified, and checked to back up the legality of your cargoes is crucial if you want to avoid delay.

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