Freight Services Malaysia

Freight Service Malaysia – What You Need To Know

Globally, online shopping is popular trend nowadays. We can not deny that the advanced technology we enjoyed today have given us so much advantages. Why do we need to travel or walked out of our daily routine which consume time, spending more money and wasting energy when we can just use the modern technology to buy product? “Everything is at the end of our fingertip”.

As the end receiver of the product, have you ever though on how the products get to your door perfectly without any defects? A whole lot of process behind every product that come step to your door every day!

On the other hand, courier service was used to send the parcel to the recipient. By definition, courier service was setup by an organization which offers their service to deliver a message, package or parcel even letter from one place or person to another place or person. A representative of a company or even personal individual would go to the branch, outlet of the courier service company to place order.

There are two types of courier delivery services provider provided these days which is by regular delivery or express delivery. Regular delivery fee would not be higher than express delivery, however customer nowadays would prefer to use the service from express delivery due to their lack of patient in waiting the products or goods to arrive.

Usually from small to big company with experience would process their products or buy raw material from other county such as China or Bangladesh to minimize the production cost as they would offer the lowest prince range than other country.

In this case scenario, courier services provider might not be able to satisfy their needs in fulfil customers order which usually in bulk. Therefore, they would need to get other company that provides such service, hence freight services has been introduced to minimize the workload and in the same time guarantee the quality of the products from when it picked up until the time for the delivery. But what is ‘freight’?

What is Freight Service?

By definition, ‘freight’ is to transport goods in bulk by land (truck or train), air (aircraft or plane) or sea (ship). Which mean freight service provider is used to move or deliver order from a place to another be it in long distant or short distant with large quantity that courier service provider would not be able to bear. For an example, a multinational company called ‘ABC’ placed an order from Labuan and the good has been expected to arrive in 3 days to Port Klang.

They order the material for buildings in bulk. In this case, using freight service instead of a courier service would be a better choice as the freight service provider have multiple ways to get the good in tight schedule, specialize in transport and move large amount of quantities and also secure the goods from any damage in the same time. Leaving no worries in using freight services. Since freight service also provide its modus operandi by air and sea, does shipping consider as freight? The answer is NO.

Originally, general terms for shipping was used to refer to transport of goods by the land, air or sea which can be both either commercial or non-commercial shipping, but it can also be of various natures. Be it the shipping by land, air or ship, the transporting of goods in bulk from one place to another can still be known as shipping. The most common multi-modal way of shipping is referred to as inter-modal meaning truck pickup to rail to truck delivery.

Even though shipping done in bulk, they were used to transport much smaller amounts of goods different form freight that used to move or transport larger amount of goods. Small to medium merchandisers would usually use this service as it would be more fitting to their quantity order of the good. Although shipping would be popular among small to medium merchandisers, shipping service is considered more expensive than freight since it is cheaper to move or transport a larger amount of goods than smaller amounts.

As technology goes sophisticated in these modern days, consumer can buy product online. And as a company or individuals who re-sale the products to consumers, it would be best to get the product or goods in bulks to store them as stock. When the consumer buys it, they would just need to send them out. But in order to get the ready stock, seller needs to get the product or good shipped earlier. Before they can do that, they will need to analyst the demands from consumer.

In which shipping would come in handy. Unlike shipping, freight service provider would be commercial and used by big corporations to move and transport larger amount or quantity or product, goods, material and etc. Freight service provider can move and transport goods such as factory equipment, raw material for building, furniture, chandelier, clothing, beauty products, vehicle and etc.

However, for freight service provider, the key in getting goods successfully reach its destination on time, safely and in a cost-effective manner is in how the management of the provider strategize its operation.

Choosing The Best Freight Service In Malaysia

Whether shipping by land, sea or air, there are several benefits to be consider. When shipping important freight, everyone wanted to make sure their goods arrive safely and on-time, and online freight service providers work with high quality contract carriers. Hence Crane Worldwide Logistic (M) Sdn. Bhd. would be the best solution for you to deliver your goods be it transporting smaller to larger consignments as we are an experienced in ocean freight forwarding and logistically coordinating international ocean shipments in a mode of vessel types, container ships and bulk ships that will meet all your shipping needs.

Crane Worldwide Logistic (M) Sdn. Bhd. provides shipping services and go beyond in providing safety, cost effective, on-time delivery and freight services. We are providing cross border transportation in between Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Brunei. We offer all-inclusive freight services across Malaysia, including interstate delivery and transport services.