Freight Agent in Malaysia – Affordable and Reliable (2020)

Freight Agent in Malaysia-Affordable and Reliable (2020)  

Many people use to send their products to other countries through different modes of transportation. The people who have a business in other countries and earn profit by import and export of their articles usually send and receive products via sea, land and air transport. Some people also send gifts or necessary belongings to their relatives living in other countries. They are always in search of such people who can deliver their product safe at the provided destination. Everyone who sends his belongings needs an affordable medium. Many agents can complete this task and take some amount of commission. Many freight agents are working in different countries to provide their services.


Who is a freight agent?

A freight agent is very much different from a freight broker. An agent is an individual who works for a freight broker. He is an individual contractor who builds a relationship between the customer and the freight broker. He pays an important role in the movement of freight. A freight agent has to find a good carrier for the customer. They can be paid hourly or annually, but most of the freight agents prefer to get a commission. Freight agents can earn more when they get a commission because the work done by them will be paid. They can contact other customers also. It is the responsibility of the agent to design the safest route for the product and if the customer needs he has to manage the delivery at the doorstep also.


Affordable and reliable agents in Malaysia

The slogan mostly the freight agents in Malaysia use is we are reliable, experienced and flexible freight agents in Malaysia. Contact us today for a quotation. Many freight forwarding agents are working in Malaysia. They are affordable and reliable. They can be contacted online easily. These agents have links with different shipping companies. The company should provide dynamic and efficient services to its customers. The agent is in search of such companies who can provide great services using air, sea, and land transports. The company should be able to transport all types of goods. The agents in Malaysia have improved import and export a lot. The agent not only creates a relation between the customer and the company but also is responsible for the delivery of the products safely. The companies working in Malaysia know that how to deliver seamlessly and protectively. 


Services provided by the freight agent

The freight forwarder when working as an agent has the duties of the third party. The agent guides the customers about reliable shipping companies. As an agent, he has to perform the services of

  • Packing
  • Storage
  • Transport
  • Handling the goods
  • Customs clearance of the goods


The agent acts as an intermediary between the principal and the service provider. The agent designs a contract for the service provider and the principal. The agent is not liable for the services provided by the shipping company. Many of the agents provide negotiable rates as they say that we are reliable, experienced and flexible freight agents in Malaysia. Contact us today for a quotation.


Types of freight agents in Malaysia

The freight agent has the following types:

Multimodal transport operators

These agents are known as MTO’s. These agents provide a single service provider to the exporters. These types of agents completely offer doorstep services. They cover all the services such as insurance and warehousing, etc. 


These agents develop a link between different customers. They provide full container services by loading the products of different customers in a single container. This will reduce the freight rate. In this way, they take a commission from various customers and provide them with low freight rates by loading the container completely. 

Port agents

These agents are working on the sea-side in Malaysia. They provide services for the transfer of goods from one transport to another. The gods mostly come in lorry or truck to the sea-side. These agents are available at your service. They hire labour to unload the truck and load the goods in the ship. 

Loading agents

These agents work for the owner of the ship. The freight forwarder works for the shipper whereas the loading agent is the worker of the shipowner. He is in charge of the loading process. The loading agent must safely proceed with the process of loading. He has to ensure that all the products of various customers have been loaded on the ship.  

Airfreight agent

These agents are responsible for the shipment of the product by using air as a mode f transport. They are also responsible for the air waybill. These agents sometimes also take responsibility for customs clearance. These are also known as air waybill agents. 

Road transport agents

These agents work in between the carriers and the shippers. These agents provide services for the customers who need to transfer their goods to the final destination after they have reached the country. The road transport is mostly used to transfer the goods between different states of a country. These agents decide the fastest route if the goods are to be transferred to the neighbouring countries. These agents are very flexible and experienced.


Major functions of freight agents

Some of the functions performed by the freight agents include:

  • Advice the freight cost and in some cases they also guide the customers about the port expense.
  • They decide the fastest route to be followed by the transport to transfer the goods safely.
  • The freight agents design a contract between the customers and the service provider. 
  • They perform the process of storing, packing, and loading the goods.
  • The freight agents in Malaysia have links with other custom agents abroad to ensure that the goods of the customers have reached the desired destination safely.
  • These agents are working as an intermediary between the customers and the ship owners. They make the process of cargo handling more efficient.