Air Freight Solution Malaysia

Air Freight Solution Malaysia – Things You Need To Know in 2020

When you are up for the speed in transporting your cargoes inside or outside of Malaysia, you don’t have a better option aside from contacting an air freight solution.

Speed is vital for some goods and essential commodities, and you need to tap a reliable air freight forwarding company to keep the supply chain uncut.

But how air freight shipping really works? How do your cargoes reach their destinations safe and sound via air travel? Read this article until the end and know all of these plus more of other significant details about air freight solutions in Malaysia.

Top 3 Types of Airfreight Delivery in Malaysia

Depending on the urgency and the quantity of your shipment, you can choose among the three kinds of airfreight deliveries: consolidated freight, back to back/ direct services, and charter services.

Consolidated Freight. Pertains to the shipment where you’ll send multiple commodities within a single flight. The consolidated freight delivery is said to be cost-effective and optimizes the supply chain through embedding various loads on international flights.

Back to Back/ Direct Services. In this airfreight arrangement, a regular commercial passenger plane is tasked to carry along its route a shipment of goods and essential commodities.

Charter Services. This is considered as the most expensive kind of airfreight service, but this also holds the most delicate system of safety nets to protect your shipment to the tee. In a charter airfreight service, the entire aircraft is paid to deliver a single shipment fast and seamless.

You now understand the main types of airfreight services. Consider what fits your cargoes and contact a trusted freight forwarding company to move your goods and commodities via air as fast and as safe as possible.

7 Advantages of Air Freight Service That Every Shipper Must know

Apart from the explicit advantage of transporting your goods extremely fast compared to conventional freight and forwarding media, there are a number of reasons why choosing airfreight service is an intelligent decision you could ever make in your entire life.

Fast and Safe. This is the highlight of airfreight service- SPEED. Unlike sea and land-based freight deliveries that take weeks to send your cargoes, if you ship them via air, it will just be a matter of hours or days to get your loads transported. So, if you are very much particular with the time, airfreight service is the best for you.

Good Rates. Airfreight deliveries are charged based on weight rather than the conventional volume-based rate valuation. This means that it is more cost-effective, especially if you are dealing with small-scale transportation of cargoes.

Deliver Anywhere. Most of the air freight forwarding companies caters to both local and international shipments. With this, getting your cargo to travel across continents has become so easy and fast. You can reach even the farthest corners of the world as long as your freight service provider operates and maintains a strong network of freight movers no matter how remote that place is.

Plenty of Options. Another perk if you choose to ship your cargoes via air is that you’ll have several options on how you would want your cargoes to be delivered. As mentioned above, you can avail of charter airfreight service if you want a dedicated plane to transport your goods. You can also avail of the direct services and consolidated freight depending on your budget and sense of urgency.

Tons of Back up. Considering the frequency of commercial flights going in and out of Malaysia, you don’t need to worry even if you miss the plane that will supposedly board your cargoes. You can anytime ask the next flight to take your shipments and deliver them to their destinations still on time.

Damage Protection. As long as you are able to pack your goods the right way, expect to send them across to their destinations safe and unblemished via airfreight. That is why air freight service is highly recommended for delicate and fragile items.

Secured. Shipping your goods and commodities via air is way safer compared to land and sea freight forwarding. In airfreight, you are assured that only professionals get to handle your shipments. Also, just like tracking passengers on a commercial plane, it will be a lot easier for you to monitor your shipment if you choose air freight forwarding.

List of Products NOT Allowed via Airfreight Shipment in Malaysia

While it is true that a lot of good things backed the convenience and security you could get out of an airfreight shipment; there are a few red flags that you have to keep in mind. You have to remember that not all products and items are eligible for air travel.

Below are some of the items you can never send via air.
• Gases
• Explosives
• Strong Magnets
• Radioactive or flammable items
• Infectious and toxic chemicals
• Other items considered as threats to public health

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Inevitably, we cannot all the time rely on conventional land and sea freight services. With the tremendous surge of people’s demand, speed already became a ‘life-and-death’ situation to some. This means you need to deliver your goods extremely fast to keep the normal flow of the supply chain. The good thing is that you can always avail of airfreight cargo forwarding if your goods are reliant on time.

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